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5 Reasons Why CharlieCurls is a Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

By June 22, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Here are 5 reasons why the No Heat / No Hassle CharlieCurls Hair Curler is a must have this holiday season (and beyond)! So much so, that you may want to keep one for yourself! 

Great for those who want to reclaim their getting-ready routine, and improve the quality of their hair health by eliminating the need for heat to curl or create beautiful waves. Read more reasons below!

Reason #1:

CharlieCurls decreases stress, eliminating the hassle of using heat and tons of time to style hair! CharlieCurls takes as little as 30 seconds to put in your hair, and it looks good while you are wearing it, so allows anyone wearing it to multitask away with holiday to-do lists. Simply unwind and pull out of your hair when you are ready to have your hair looking fabulous for festivities throughout the year!

CharlieCurls in use while doing Yoga or reading

Reason #2:

You’ll be saving hair from damaging heat this winter, and every winter from here on out! Dry and damaged hair is even harder to manage during the cold and dry months of winter. Plus, harsh chemicals and styling products used regularly can add insult to injury–with CharlieCurls, you can use even just a light spritz of water or gentle setting spray that uses natural ingredients that won’t damage. Give the gift that keeps on giving while protecting your hair both for short- and long-term healthier hair goals.

How to use CharlieCulrs

Reason #3:

It’s safe for all ages, so you or anyone who wants to curl medium to longer-length hair can use CharlieCurls, including your adorable daughter/niece/grandchild/someone you love who isn’t old enough to be around the dangerous heat of curling irons and hot styling tools.

CharlieCurls is safe for all ages

Reason #4:

CharlieCurls can literally be worn anywhere, anytime! Whether traveling to and from holiday destinations, with CharlieCurls you can curl on the go! Unlike other no-heat hair curlers on the market, CharlieCurls will NOT make you look like medusa while you wear it, making it easy to head out the door to take care of errands, working out, en route to work and so on. With only one piece to worry about installing, wearers can put in CharlieCurls with either a Traditional Roll, Low Bun Roll, or Unicorn Roll for varying results (check out our How To Use page for video and step-by-step instructions).

How to roll your CharlieCurl

Reason #5:

It’s easy to use, and easy to give! CharlieCurls fits in stockings perfectly, and will bring joy to those who receive this amazing hair styling hack. Your intentions for purchase or gifting are clear: bring about greater simplicity and ease with a product built to last. Now available in bundle packs, if you have several you know who would love this incredibly intentional gift, get a bundle back to suit your list at a nice savings with that volume discount (scroll to the end of this page or shop here to check out our Bundle deals, exclusive to our website)!

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