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Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals

By June 25, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments
Continuous Fine Mist Sprayer CharlieCurls Heatless Curler Accessory 1200 x

The Amazing Ultra-Light Continuous Flairosol Hair Mister by CharlieCurls

Using a light continuous water mist on dry hair before curling helps set curls without frizz.

There is an unspoken vicious cycle happening for most women (and men) when it comes to their hair: they wash too often. This is because their hair gets dirty, mostly from a combination of natural oils and hair products, even natural products. When you wash too often, the scalp produces more and more oils, to replace the ones you just washed out, thus making hair oily faster, thus requiring more washing. Natural hair oils are not dirty. They may make your hair look dirty, but in reality, your scalp and body are working hard to moisturize hair that is constantly being STRIPPED of its natural oils. When you learn to wash less, hair normalizes and produces less oils, giving you more time between washes. It is a process to get to this point, but well worth the effort because of improved hair health, better looking hair, and less need for expensive shampoos and cleansing conditioners. Also, a lot less time is spent actually washing, drying and styling your hair!

Better for Your Health, Hair, and Our Planet | Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals

Better for Your Hair, Better for our Planet: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals with a Refillable Continuous Fine Mist Hair Sprayer

Our fabulous refillable eco-minded hair mister delivers a continuous ultra light mist without toxic propellants, eliminating, for many people, the need for any kind of products and allowing hair to stay clean longer.

Plastics and metals are hard to recycle, often hard to refill, and are horribly harmful for the environment.

Benefits of Using Our Continuous Hair Mister

Our CharlieCurls fine hair mist bottle is refillable, thus it is not single use plastic and is much more environmentally friendly.

  • The mist is continuous and ultra fine so it dispenses evenly without saturated areas that are wetter than others
  • The ergonomically designed bottle allows repeated pumping to produce an endless spray without hand fatigue
  • Essential oils or moisturizers added to the water can give extra control, shine, scent and/or moisturization
  • You can spray from any angle, upside down to sideways, getting to hard to reach areas easily
  • The unique interior pump system design offers a more efficient uptake and dispersion of liquid
  • The contents are easily refilled and users can customize their mist solution and create DIY recipes that mix in a few drops of beneficial ingredients like organic argan or fractionated coconut oil, eucalyptus, lavender or tea tree essential oils, and much more (Check out this Pinterest Board we made for DIY natural hair mist recipes for ideas)
  • No waste because up to 98% of contents is dispensed before refill is required

Benefits of Our Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle | CharlieCurls

How a Fine Mist of Water Helps Set Your Curls When Sprayed on Dry Hair

  1. Water Sets CurlsWater (H2O) contains hydrogen and the outside layer of each hair strand (cuticle) contains hydrogen. Water breaks the hydrogen bond on the hair and it resets in the curled form when dry:

    How Hydrogen in Water Effects "H" Bonds for Hair Curling and Hold

  2. The light mist lands only on the outer layer (cuticle), enhancing curl and helping to prevent frizzy hair

    3 Layers of Hair - Medula - Cortex - Cuticle | Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals

    When moisture is absorbed into the central (inner) layers of the hair shaft it expands and the cuticle (which looks like roof shingles on the outside of hair) cannot lie down smoothly. This is what makes hair look frizzy. Our light continuous mister keeps the moisture on the outer layer only reducing the tendency for hair to frizz.

    Impact of Water on Cortex | Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals

  3. A light mist on hair dries quicklyThe lightness of the spritz lets your hair dry quickly – in as little as half an hour. Set your CharlieCurl and be ready to go quickly and with superior, healthy results.

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