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How to Moisturize & Hydrate Dry Natural Hair

By June 28, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments
How to Moisturize & Hydrate Dry Natural Hair | CharlieCurls Heatless Hair Curler

🌿 How To Add Moisture to Dry, Damaged or Frizzy Hair 🌿 Holistic Hair Care Tips with Kristine Akins of CharlieCurls

  1. Adding Moisture to Your Hair’s Inner Medulla Layer
  2. Adding Deep Conditioning to Your Hair’s Inner Cortex Layer
  3. Cutting Down on Damaging Heat to Help Your Hair Heal

In this How to Video (also outlined in the transcription below) learn from CharlieCurls founder Kris Akins how to add moisture to the outer and inner layers of your hair, naturally! For more shine and smoothness, enjoy nourishing your dry, damaged or frizzy hair with these easy hair care hacks.

If your hair is dry, flyaway or frizzy it’s due to a lack of moisture in the individual hair strands. Hair strands have three basic layers and those three layers each like a different type of moisturizer:

  1. The inner core is called the medulla; it is the strength of the hair. It has a helical cellular structure like DNA and it likes an oil-based moisturizer.
  2. The second layer is called the cortex. It is the thickest part of your hair strand, kind of the meat of the hair, and it likes a cream conditioner.
  3. The outside of the hair strand is called the cuticle. It has a complex structure that likes a cream style conditioner, but it likes to be sealed with an oil.

Moisturizing Your Hair | Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle | CharlieCurls Heatless Curls

To moisturize your hair, you want to first get an oil soak into that medulla. There are two household oils that work well for this because they have a small enough cellular structure to get through the cuticle, through the cortex, and all the way into the medulla:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Olive oil

There are other oils: Moroccan oil, jojoba, argon; those are great but they’re expensive and a better use is to crunch those oils onto your ends later in the process.

Step 1 | Adding Moisture to Your Hair’s Inner Medulla Layer

First, soak your hair with oil. If you can leave that in 10-12 hours to really let it saturate that’s great. Then rinse it out by getting a goodly amount of shampoo in your hand, lather it well, massage it into your hair, and then rinse it quickly with lukewarm water. This will wash out the excess oil without stripping the oil that you’ve so diligently put into that core medulla.

Moisturizing Your Hair | CharlieCurls Heatless Curls

Step 2 | Adding Deep Conditioning to Your Hair’s Inner Cortex Layer

Step Two is to use a cream moisturizer to condition the cortex. Many good conditioners and masks exist, pick one that matches your hair type (fine, coarse, dry, etc…) This does two things; it seals the oil into the medulla because it is a water based conditioner (oil and water do not mix) and it conditions that cortex. Once you’ve kept that in for a couple of hours if you can maintain it that long (5-7 minutes is OK, if time is limited), rinse the conditioner out with cool water.

Lastly, let your hair dry naturally [without use of heat]. Squeeze the water out with your hand then with a towel. Do not rub your hair with the towel when you’re drying it because that roughs up the cuticle. A simple combing of the hair, squeezing the water out and letting it dry naturally is your best bet.

Moisturizing Your Hair | CharlieCurls Heatless Curls

Your hair should be in way better condition.

Now two things:

  1. If you want to repeat this in about a week that’s a great idea. You can get some additional moisture in there. But…
  2. After that don’t do this any more than every few months, because too much oil moisture in the hair can cause protein buildup. So oil the medulla; cream condition the cortex; and we’re going to talk a little bit more about the complex cuticle in another video and blog post.

Step 3 | Cutting Down on Damaging Heat to Help Your Hair Heal

FYI: If you are not already cutting down on the use of heat to style your hair, or to help to limit the damage your hair is receiving from heat, please check out CharlieCurls heatless styling products; the easiest heatless curls, waves and volume kit that will never damage your hair. Also, please cut out harmful chemicals and hair products that use-single use plastic bottles. Opt instead for more natural, organic and holistic hair care products that won’t strip your hair’s natural oils when you shampoo or when you use chemicals to create hold. Learn more about how you can easily make this happen in our article, “Hair Mist Refresher Eco-Spray Bottle: Ditch Single-Use Plastics & Chemicals.”

Don’t feel like you have to ditch styling your hair to save it from heat and chemicals, instead switch to holistic approaches to get healthier hair and easy everyday hairstyles, that are easier to maintain and look terrific.

More Ways to Nourish Your Hair and Step Up Holistic Hair Care Efforts

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Here’s to happier, healthier hair!