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Top 8 Reasons Moms & Daughters Love CharlieCurls No Heat Curler

By June 21, 2021February 25th, 2022No Comments

Since launching our no heat hair curling tool, designed by fellow mom Kristine Akins and originally created for her daughter Ciera some years ago, moms everywhere have left reviews and written to us directly to share their reasons for absolutely loving CharlieCurls! Here are the top eight reasons we hear over and over as to why moms just love using our safe-for-all-ages heatless curler, in addition to the fact that CharlieCurls requires as little as 30 seconds of effort to put it into hair!

Mom and daughter wearing CharlieCurls

1. Tackling Those Tangles

Moms and their daughters won’t have difficult tangles to tackle—they’ll have curls instead— saving the hassle and heartache of brushing out tangles every morning, while enjoying fun and beautiful curls! (Check out the video below to hear from one mom and daughter duo who found tangle-drama relief using CharlieCurls.)

Tackling tangles with CharlieCurls

2. Save Effort and Energy

Moms can save tons of effort and energy while getting ready and look great, too! CharlieCurls no heat curlers are safe to use and great for all ages! We even have families who have three generations using CharlieCurls. You just need shoulder-length hair or longer to enjoy the benefits and results of our heat-free effortless hair curler. Saving valuable effort and energy for other more fun activities. Say “No More!” to having to stand stationary at your bathroom counter while you use conventional curling methods, or have to say captive in your house with unsightly devices that prevent you from leaving the house!

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3. Safer Curling For All

With CharlieCurls, there’s no need to plug in anything that gets hot, so there are no dangerous hair tools laying out on bathroom counters to worry about fingers reaching up and getting burned unnecessarily! Also, now moms can rest easy knowing their daughters will never have to worry about having their ears burned or singed while their hair curls, and they DON’T need to sit still! CharlieCurls can be worn day or night and offers greater flexibility and can even be fun for older girls to put it in their hair on their own!

Safer curling for all with CharlieCurls

4. No Heat Means Healthier Hair Now & Later

Moms can enjoy healthier hair by eliminating or minimizing the need for heat with CharlieCurls, which means moms and their daughters are not exposing their hair to damaging heat and hair won’t get fried as they get older. Healthy, happy and less ravaged hair is all the rage! Plus, since CharlieCurls can create curls, waves or volume, you have more options on how to style your hair with the same great hair tool! (Different roll-in methods can create different results; experimentation with your unique hair is key.) Try out the Traditional, Low-Bun, Unicorn or Princess roll-in methods to get different results. (Here are some Before, During and After side-by-side images of real women and girls who use CharlieCurls.)

No heat means healthier hair now and later; thanks to CharlieCurls

5. Save Time For More Important Things

With CharlieCurls, moms can spend time on what matters most in life—and maybe even find time to relax a bit more if they’re no longer dealing with time-intensive hair care or curling routines everyday! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Having the freedom to roam about doing whatever it is you need or want to do rather than be held hostage to old and busywork beauty routines.

Save time for more important things with CharlieCurls!

6. Works Anywhere, Anytime

CharlieCurls can work to curl your hair anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re busy running errands, watching the kids, fitting in a yoga class, taking a hike or walk, commuting to work, or catching a break on what would have been an otherwise hectic time getting ready. And CharlieCurls is perfect to travel with as it’s both lightweight and unbreakable (and we have a Lifetime Warranty just in case anything should ever happen). In fact, some of our customers tells us they wear their hair up in a bun with CharlieCurls while they are traveling, so that they can arrive with beautiful curls or waves simply by removing the curler upon arrival and running their fingers through their hair a few times.

CharlieCurls work anywhere, anytime!

7. No Hair Products Necessary

Many moms who bought CharlieCurls bought it for the sole reason of having a beauty tool that’s not only easier to use, but does not require the use of chemical-laden products to keep their hair or appearance looking their best. A lot of moms we talk to say before CharlieCurls, they typically put their hair up and that was that! They didn’t love having to use styling products to hold waves or curls in their hair because that resulted in having to take more showers and wash their hair more frequently, something we actually advise against doing (you can read more about how often you should wash your hair here in another article). Now moms and their daughters can enjoy having naturally styled hair while still avoiding putting harmful ingredients in their hair and limiting the number of times they wash hair. Many moms wear it in their hair overnight to get the most lasting results, and if possible, they put it in after a shower when their hair is almost completely air-dried and lock in those gorgeous curls for morning. (You can also put it in dry hair that has just received a slight misting with a spritzer as well, which is the optimum way to use CharlieCurls for many.)

CharlieCurls - no hair product necessary

8. CharlieCurls is ONE Piece

That’s it. Just one piece and you have all that you need to curl your hair! CharlieCurls is made of durable materials, and because it’s just one piece to keep track of, tons of moms report back to us it’s way easier to manage keeping around and available. Some have even shared that they keep an extra curler in their purse or backpack. With five great colors to choose from, too, what’s not to love?

CharlieCurls come in different colors!

What else?

Did we miss any of your favorite reasons you love using CharlieCurls in your household? Send us a note to tell us, or better yet, send us before, during and after photos that we can add to our growing collection of real photo results! We LOVE hearing from our customers. And if you’re new to CharlieCurls, check out our How To section to watch videos on the different ways to use CharlieCurls to get different results and learn more about our Best Practices, and  FAQs. The videos are helpful to demonstrate how to use CharlieCurls quickly and easily.