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When initially trying the CharlieCurl, we suggest rolling dry hair the first time with a light spritz of water just before rolling. This will give you a nice baseline. Some people can roll just-washed hair that is almost dry and get fabulous, long-lasting results. Some people tend to get frizz using that timing because the escaping moisture leaves the outer cortex of the hair strand lifted, producing a courser look.

Your hair is unique, and will respond to methods you will quickly realize for your best results, much like blow-drying hair in different ways can produce different results, so can using the heatless CharlieCurl. Experimentation is key.

Visit this list of our Best Practices to learn more. Below are some of the questions we have received, with detailed responses.



My hair is shoulder length. Will it work for me?

While it does work best on hair that is 2 to 3 inches below shoulders, the CharlieCurl will still work for shoulder length hair.If your hair is barely to your shoulders, you can use one CharlieCurl on top of your head in a traditional roll and get great lift and nice curve at the ends. Much of your hair may fall out of the CharlieCurl, but that is the bottom layer and it gives an illusion of length below the lightly curved upper hair, to great effect.You can also use two CharlieCurls in your hair at the same time; one on top and one on bottom.

I have layers, how do I handle that?

If you have layers, you simply have to keep adding them into the CharlieCurls as you roll your hair. It takes a little practice, but isn’t too hard. And it’s worth it because the shorter layers make for voluminous looking curls.

I am having trouble getting it in right.

Please reference the detailed videos on our website that quickly demonstrate installing the CharlieCurl in various methods.If using the traditional roll, remember to start the CharlieCurl at the top of the head near the roots and squeeze it together from the loop to flat to create tension while you slide gently toward the ends. This helps get all the hair into the curler, though you may have to gather shorter layers and add in as you roll.Try holding the ponytail in different positions on the top of your head before you roll. We prefer a point slightly back from the center of the head. Too far forward allows the CharlieCurl to “flop” forward, and too far back doesn’t give us the volume we personally prefer.Please call us and we’ll walk you through it! (877) 880-5582

How long should I wear the CharlieCurl?

This is depends most on hair-type and look desired. It also may depend on the cleanliness of hair (see above statement in 7.c.).Hair often curls better the second day after washing when the natural oils have returned somewhat.Typically, 2 to 3 hours gives great volume and lots of curls.Easily curled hair will gain nice volume and pretty waves in the ends with as little as 30 minutes of wearing.Some people need an overnight set to achieve their desired look. Thankfully the CharlieCurl is super comfortable to sleep in! Another reason people love wearing the CharlieCurl at night, is that you get the added benefit of no morning tangles, which is especially nice for those with children who do not love to have their hair brushed in the morning (the very reason that CharlieCurls was invented).

Can I use the CharlieCurl with a blow dryer?

Sure, there are no safety concerns. However, use common sense: you do not want to have the blow dryer too close to your CharlieCurl, the same way you do not want the blow dryer too close to your scalp.If you’ve rolled hair when it was too damp, you could unroll and find your hair isn’t completely dry yet. This is why we recommend spritzing dry hair with water instead of damp, out-of-the-shower hair, unless you have the full time your hair actually needs to fully dry while rolled up.Also if in a rush, a little heat from a blow dryer can conform the curls faster in some instances.

Should I brush my hair right before I put the CharlieCurl in my hair?

It is a great idea to brush hair beforehand, because after unrolling the CharlieCurl from your hair, you most often want to comb only with your fingers.If brushing your hair smooths things out and doesn’t cause your hair to frizz, it is recommended to brush it beforehand.If your hair tends to frizz after brushing, don’t brush immediately before rolling. You may be able to try a comb. Wooden combs may be better than plastic ones, depending on hair type. Some users brush their hair then wait 15 minutes before rolling in the CharlieCurl.If the ends of your hair are dry and have a lot of split ends, brushing your hair before rolling it may cause frizzy, kinky ends. We recommend trying a smoothing product to help with this. When your hair has been trimmed, you will likely see an amazing difference.

Should I get my hair wet or should it be wet when I put the CharlieCurl in?

A very light spritz of water seems to work best for most hair types, versus having your hair totally wet. (Please visit our list of Best Practices for more helpful tips.)If your hair is too wet to begin with, it may not dry naturally before unrolling, unless you wait a considerably long time, like overnight (or a bit longer for some).If the hair is in good condition, it may work well when it’s almost dry after washing. But if your hair tends to be dry or frizz easily, this solution may not be best. For some users, their hair is naturally harder to curl directly following a shower using any method when it’s really clean, so using some product may help.

Is the CharlieCurl comfortable to sleep in?

Absolutely! Not only is the CharlieCurl extremely lightweight, many users have shared with us that they put their hair up at night anyways, to avoid overheating at night and keep their hair pulled back, so this is a perfect solution for them. Now they can sleep comfortably they way they already prefer, and wake up with hair ready to unroll and go!

Is the CharlieCurl supposed to fit tightly or loosely once in your hair?

It is supposed to be wound tightly enough that it will stay without flopping around, but it should not be so tight that it pulls at the scalp uncomfortably.We find that if we start the “upside down ponytail” at the back center of the head—diagonally opposite the chin—we get the best firmness.If you are looking for more waves than curls, you may want to roll it looser.

Are there different ways to wear the CharlieCurl in my hair to achieve different styles and results?

Yes. It takes a bit of experimentation to find exactly the wearing style you prefer for your desired results, and results vary from person to person.The traditional roll—begun with head upside down—gives both volume and body along with curls or waves.A low bun in the back of the head is great for going out in public, wearing at your desk while you work or even during a yoga class. Then simply take out the CharlieCurl when it’s time to have gorgeous hair!The unicorn roll is a favorite for people who struggle with frizz. Simply twist your hair before rolling it into the CharlieCurl, and then secure the CharlieCurl.You can also experiment with time: we get great light waves in about 30 minutes and LOTS of curls if left in overnight. If your hair is harder to curl, it may take longer. A 2-hour first try is a good test to see how your hair reacts. (Please visit our list of Best Practices for more helpful tips.)

Do you have to use hair product in your hair before putting in the CharlieCurl?

No. Though we do recommend spritzing hair lightly with water first to enhance results. The Hydrogen in water (H2O) breaks the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair cuticle and re-sets the bonds in curves—that’s why curls hold better if hair is slightly dampened.

Can you use product when using the CharlieCurl?

Yes. A leave-in conditioner in your pre-roll spritz can make ends softer on the unroll. One of our favorite and natural products is Moroccan or jojoba oil. Put a tiny bit onto your palms and squeeze into the ends of your hair to soften them and make them shiny just after unroll. Additionally, a light setting spritz before rolling can help to set hair that is harder to hold curls (really clean hair can make it a bit harder to hold curls).

If I choose to use product in my hair, which products would be recommended?

First, a leave-in conditioner. We would recommend light-weight, water-based conditioner.Secondly, a hair sealer. A sealer smooths the outer cuticle of the hair and keeps moisture inside the cortex of the shaft, but doesn’t allow external moisture to frizz the hair.If your hair is hard to curl, a light setting mouse or spritz can help.A tiny bit of jojoba or moroccan oil placed on the palm of your hands and then scrunched into the ends after unroll can brighten the curls and soften dry ends.Also, a bit of hairspray once you have the perfect look will enhance all-day hold, for those that wish to use product. Many of our users report that with a longer set time (like overnight), they maintain nearly a full day of curls without using product.

How do I get wavy hair instead of curly hair with a CharlieCurl?

This may take some experimentation with your hair, as everyone is unique, but we would first recommend rolling it looser or spritzing your hair with more water and leaving the CharlieCurl in longer (so that your hair still dries). Another technique to try for achieving wavy hair would be to roll-up fairly wet hair and then take it out before completely dry, letting your hair finish drying for about 20 minutes. Then, if re-rolled for about 20 minutes, we have gotten that really beachy look with wavy hair. The second time rolling seems to utilize hair memory to get unique waves.

Should I use my CharlieCurl a day or two after I wash my hair, or right after washing?

Certainly use the CharlieCurl anytime you want to, but most hair types tend to curl better and hold the curl a day or more after washing. (Please visit our list of Best Practices for more helpful tips.) Most hair-types should be washed no more than 2 times per week if possible, for optimal hair health as the natural oils your body produces are beneficial. Many people can get away with washing just once per week. There are a few people who have to wash their hair daily. This washes out the oils that maintain the moisture in the hair shaft, so for those that wash more often, using natural oil products can be helpful.

Will I set off the TSA scanner if I am wearing a CharlieCurl while traveling with it in my hair?

We’re checking on this one! We receive accounts from those who use the CharlieCurl in many situations, including this one. We are going to put it to the test shortly, and will report back!