About Charlie Curls - No Heat Curls - All Natural Hair Curler

About us

Seventeen years ago, four year old Ciera suffered from what most little girls suffer from every morning. Tangles. She would go to bed with clean, brushed hair. She would wake up with terrible tangles. The tears and screams as Kris, her mother, tried to brush her hair turned into anguish and frustration. Not knowing how to make the morning more tolerable, Kris did what she does best. She created a solution.  
An architect, designer, and entrepreneur for over three decades, Kris developed the answer to tangles in the morning. She created the CharlieCurl, a simple, no heat hair curling device. With clean, brushed and lightly damp hair, Kris put the CharlieCurl in Ciera’s hair at night. When she took it out in the morning, instead of the tangled mess there were gorgeous curls.

Fast forward seventeen years, Ciera still uses the CharlieCurl. With the longterm success of consistent, natural looking curls, Kris decided it was time for women of all ages to experience the CharlieCurl. Launching with a successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2015, the CharlieCurl is now curling the hair of women around the globe. From Brazil to Thailand, United States to Germany, women are finding how truly effortless using the CharlieCurl is.

Recently Kris and Ciera were invited the the White House First Ever Entrepreneur Demo Day. The invitation was an incredible accomplishment to be recognized as a leading thinker and entrepreneur. Representing female entrepreneurs and small business owners, Kris and Ciera showcased CharlieCurls to the elite group of colleagues and influencers.
Kris and Ciera at the White House
Kris meeting President Obama 

CharlieCurls is an all-female startup run by family. Kris, her sister Lynne Hessling, CFO, daughter Ciera Akins, Brand Ambassador, niece Chelsea Jones, Web and Graphics Ninja, and cousin Rachel Saul, Social Media Marketing Ninja, comprise the five member all women-all family team. Each member brings a unique and dynamic asset to the company with their respective backgrounds and expertise.

“We are all on the same page and we work seamlessly together. It makes being in business a whole lot of fun. With the recent passing of my husband, meeting with family almost daily via phone, email and video chat and building this business from the ground up, has truly been filling up part of me that felt lost,” explains Kris.

The story of CharlieCurls has just begun. The vision of helping women achieve simple, effortless and natural curls without the damaging heat, the slew of products or the valuable time taken with traditional curling, has just started to be told. Our vision expands beyond just the product, as we rally to support women across the globe to rise up and be YOUtiful.