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Chelsea Testimonial

"I am sold on CharlieCurls! I am a busy Mom, and worrying about my hair when I am getting two toddlers up, fed and dressed used to give me no time to look great for myself or my husband. Now I throw the CharlieCurl in at night and as soon as I am awake, I unroll and look like I’ve spent hours on my look!"


"I normally like my hair just long and straight.  I do very little with it, but when I want to change it up ... CharlieCurls is the best thing I’ve ever used. About 2 to 3 hours in my hair and I have massive curls. My Mom is CRAZY about it!!


"I am so glad I found CharlieCurls. I have course, dry frizzy hair and I used to use hot rollers and flat irons and that just kept making my hair worse.  With CharlieCurls, I use a leave in conditioner that I spritz on just before rolling and a little coconut oil on the ends and top when I unroll and I can feel my hair getting happier and healthier.  I use two CharlieCurls, one on top and one in back because my hair is kind of short and very thick.  I am so glad to be walking it back to healthy!!"

Mackenzie testimonial

"I was so surprised at the quality of curls I get from CharlieCurls! I use it almost every day (when I am not in pure hipster-casu days), because it gives me body, just a little wave if I leave it in 30 minutes, or massive curls if I leave it in for a few hours. I look like Johnny Bravo when it’s in, but the results are so great, that is fine with me :)”


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