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Best Practices for using Charliecurls

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Best Practices for Using the CharlieCurl No Heat Hair Curler

Everyone's hair is different; experimentation is key! When initially trying the CharlieCurl, we suggest rolling dry hair the first time with a just a light spritz of water sprayed on—ideally with a continuous fine mister—just before rolling your CharlieCurl into your hair. This will give you a nice baseline. Your hair is unique, and will respond to methods you will quickly realize for your desired results.

Here are a list of tips to begin. Experimentation with your hair is important as even clean vs. dirtier hair (day 1, 2 or 3 after washing) can create different results, as well as time left in hair. You can achieve different styles with different roll-in techniques, like the Traditional, Unicorn, Low-Bun and Princess Roll methods, for differing curls, waves and volume styles! Check out our How To Use page, too.

1. Start with dry hair, lightly spritzed with water. This will give you a baseline to know how long and under what conditions to roll your hair.

2. We suggest wearing the CharlieCurl for 2 to 3 hours the first time you try it to see what results you get. Then, try sleeping with your CharlieCurl rolled in your hair overnight in the traditional roll the next time. After seeing what these amounts of time do for you personally, you can increase or decrease wear time as needed.

3. Do not roll your hair up when it is too damp—like too soon after showering—because your hair may not dry fully before you unroll it.

4. If you want to curl your hair with only 30 seconds of effort during the day, at work, at the gym, or while running errands, try out the low bun roll. You won’t get as much volume, but your curls will still be gorgeous and you’ll look professional while wearing.

5. If you struggle with frizz, even after trying the traditional and/or low bun roll, try the unicorn roll. We would also suggest using a bit of sealing serum or a natural oil that absorbs into the hair shaft, like jojoba or moroccan oil.

6. Take special care to roll the ends of your hair nicely so they aren’t weirdly crimped. This only takes a few extra seconds and the result is worth it.

7. If you are doing the traditional roll, when your hair is upside down, start your “ponytail” not too close to your forehead, instead find a high ponytail location that seems most secure.

8. If you are seeking a wavy hair look, we would first recommend rolling it looser or spritzing your hair with more water and leaving the CharlieCurl in longer (so that your hair still drys). Another technique to try for achieving wavy hair would be to roll-up fairly wet hair and then take it out before completely dry, letting your hair finish drying for about 20 minutes. Then, re-roll for about 20 minutes for that beachy look. The second time rolling seems to utilize hair memory to get unique waves.

We also have a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and many videos available for additional information to support getting to know how to use and enjoy your CharlieCurl. Why is the CharlieCurl so amazing?
Because with so little effort you look terrific and feel fantastic!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions! You can call (877) 880-5582 or submit your question via the Contact Us website form. We are also happy to help you achieve your desired results—call or contact us for personalized support!