FAQs | CharlieCurls No Heat Hair Curler


CharlieCurls Frequently Asked Questions

When initially trying the CharlieCurl, we suggest rolling dry hair the first time with a light spritz of water just before rolling. This will give you a nice baseline. Some people can roll just-washed hair that is almost dry and get fabulous, long-lasting results. Some people tend to get frizz using that timing because the escaping moisture leaves the outer cortex of the hair strand lifted, producing a courser look.

Your hair is unique, and will respond to methods you will quickly realize for your best results, much like blow-drying hair in different ways can produce different results, so can using the heatless CharlieCurl. Experimentation is key.

Visit this list of our Best Practices to learn more. Below are some of the questions we have received, with detailed responses.

Hair Length & Basic Info About Charliecurls

My hair is shoulder length. Will it work for me?
I have layers, how do I handle that?
I am having trouble getting it in right.
How long should I wear the CharlieCurl?
Can I use the CharlieCurl with a blow dryer?
Should I brush my hair right before I put the CharlieCurl in my hair?
Should I get my hair wet or should it be wet when I put the CharlieCurl in?
Is the CharlieCurl comfortable to sleep in?
Is the CharlieCurl supposed to fit tightly or loosely once in your hair?

Using CharlieCurls & Techniques

Are there different ways to wear the CharlieCurl in my hair to achieve different styles and results?
Do you have to use hair product in your hair before putting in the CharlieCurl?
Can you use product when using the CharlieCurl?
If I choose to use product in my hair, which products would be recommended?
How do I get wavy hair instead of curly hair with a CharlieCurl?
Should I use my CharlieCurl a day or two after I wash my hair, or right after washing?
Will I set off the TSA scanner if I am wearing a CharlieCurl while traveling with it in my hair?