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How to Use

Ready to Get Gorgeous Curls?

For more examples, tips and tricks #BeACharlieGirl on Instagram

How to use Charlie Curls to get No heat, beautiful curls and waves. Easy and effortlessly.

This simple tutorial card comes with every CharlieCurls purchase!


 Simple Tips for Great Results with CharlieCurls:

  1. Looser rolls lead to wavier, softer curls. Experiment to get your signature look.
  2. Depending on how easily your hair curls, results can be achieved in as short as a few hours. 
  3. Heavier or straighter hair may have best results if left overnight.
  4. Sleep in your CharlieCurls to wake up to beautiful hair.
  5. Spritz your hair with water pre-workout and roll it up in a CharlieCurl.
  6. Experiment with the placement of the roll on your head. High bun rolls, low bun rolls, or the CharlieCurls "Unicorn Roll" produce unique and beautiful results.
  7. Search and share results, tips and tricks on social media #Beacharliegirl