Our Story

Meet the Owner

CharlieCurls started with Kris Akins solving a problem that every parent dreads: tangles. Kris’ 4-year-old daughter at the time, Ciera, would go to bed with clean, brushed hair and wake up with tear-inducing tangles. Kris did what she does best; she found a solution and whipped up a hair device that kept her daughter’s hair neat and tidy as she slept. It worked perfectly. But not only did the CharlieCurl solve the tangle issue, it gave Ciera gorgeous curls. This was the beginning of the CharlieCurl revolution.

Kris Akins is an architect, inventor and business woman who loves to make ideas come to life as businesses. In the last 39 years, she has built internet consumer products and tech companies including angel investor and venture capital backed businesses.

After years of seeing how well the CharlieCurl worked for her family and friends, Kris decided to grow her hair out to see what all the excitement was about. She was hooked. Kris was ready to start CharlieCurls, the company, and continue to share with women all over the world how easy and effective the CharlieCurl really is. Kris uses her CharlieCurl every day on her way to a meeting, while she works out at the barre or while she sits in front of the computer. She’s able to wear her CharlieCurl for just under an hour and get beautiful curls while she tackles her busiest days. 

Our Process

The first CharlieCurls were made at Kris’ kitchen counter. She experimented extensively with different types and weights of fabric and wire and used a local sourcing agent to find USA Manufacturing. We are currently in second-round production for our new and improved loop design, which is being produced locally in Portland, Oregon.

In 2015, Kris and Ciera were invited to the White House for the First Ever Entrepreneurial Demo Day. They met President Barack Obama and were honored to be included among leading thinkers and founders of forward thinking companies.

Now 23, Ciera uses her CharlieCurl almost every day as she sports true mermaid hair at her job as a Marine Biologist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Yet, the story of CharlieCurls has just begun. Our vision is to help women achieve simple, effortless, natural curls without a slew of products, damaging heat or valuable time taken with traditional curling. The CharlieCurl inspires women to do the things they love, all while feeling like their most beautiful, confident selves!

White House Entrepreneurial Demo Day

Kris and Ciera at the White House
Kris meeting President Obama

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