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Join Our CharlieCurls Holistic Hair Tribe—Make A Difference

Partner Invitation

We are excited to invite fellow eco-minded wellness enthusiasts to join our CharlieCurls holistic hair tribe!

Here are our Program details:

  • 5% commission on all sales
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Minimum payout $20 (on the 5th day of the following month)
  • Custom branded and trackable discount code (10% off, even on already reduced bundles, styling kits and gift sets)
  • Free (optional) merchandise for giveaways run on social media together (and open to other collaboration ideas)
  • Gift of our 3-piece holistic Heatless Hairstyling Kit (includes our original CharlieCurls styler, "magic" fine mist eco-sprayer, and our sustainably-grown wooden comb).
  • High quality visual images and videos to help you promote healthier hair
  • Live, personalized customer care support for your customers’ satisfaction

From Easy Bun to Beautiful and Done

CharlieCurls is a lightweight, quick to install 1-piece Eco-friendly heatless hair styler that can be worn anywhere, anytime for long and medium hair. It takes as little as 30 seconds to put in your hair, no electricity required! Easy to use day or night, safe for all ages and won’t damage hair. Can be used to create loose beachy waves, soft curves, tighter curls, smooth body and noticeable volume. CharlieCurls even looks good while you wear it. Don’t be captive to unhealthy heat and lengthy hair styling routines—live more freely with CharlieCurls holistic zero-waste hair products!


“I use mine every single day!”

Carissa Bonham

Creative Green Living
ShiftCon Award Winner ‘19

Heatless Hairstyling For All Ages

Light Weight & Compact

Safe Alternative & Great For All Ages

Eco-Friendly & Holistic Hair Products

Personalized Style Support

Lifetime Warranty

Secure Shopping & Worldwide Shipping

Check out more before, during and after results on real women!

Our Story

My daughter's tangle problem at age 4 led to an invention that 22 years later serves everyday to keep her hair healthier and gorgeous. The CharlieCurl is one piece, takes seconds to put in your hair as a bun that you can wear in public—making curls, waves and body while looking great.

When you learn to use CharlieCurls, it can completely change your hair care and styling routine, saving your time and your hair from unnecessary heat damage, harsh styling products and overwashing!

We can help find your Unique CharlieCurls Technique via Video Chat anytime!
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