3-piece Heatless Hairstyling Kit in Keepsake Box


Kit Includes: 1 CharlieCurl, 1 Hair Mist Eco-Sprayer, 1 Wooden Comb

Our kit includes the 3 essentials to create the perfect trifecta that tap’s into Nature’s Scientific Advantages to SMOOTH, SET and STYLE your hair!

  • Wooden Comb which has a negative ionic charge, just like your hair and thus lays the cuticle down, smoothing the look of the hair and sealing it against moisture loss.
  • “Magic” Mister The very fine mist lands smoothly (no wet/dry spots) only on the outer cuticle of each hair strand, keeping moisture sealed inside the strand, reducing tendency to frizz AND water breaks the hydrogen bonds in the cuticle, allowing the hair to lock into curled shape as the hair dries.
  • CharlieCurl, the styler that is simple, can be worn anytime, anywhere, and takes only a minute to Install.  It can take experimentation!! Everyone’s hair is unique. Take some time to learn how your specific hair type works best with the styler.

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Getting heatless curls, waves and volume naturally has never been easier! CharlieCurls is a one piece, no-hassle, no-heat hairstyling tool that’s quick to install and can be worn anywhere, anytime. Safe for all ages, easy to use day or night and won’t damage hair—go from easy bun to beautiful and done!

CharlieCurls creates beautiful curls, volume, body and waves with as little as 30 seconds of effort to put in your hair. For women and children of all ages and hair types, works great for shoulder-length, medium and long hair.

Made of soft, waterproof microfiber and strong, flexible wire. Our patented technology has been tested on hundreds of types of hair and grips the hair without clips or pins while keeping hair hair pulled back when worn in a high, mid or low-bun look.

Comfortable to wear or sleep with it in overnight, CharlieCurls can be worn in one of several ways for different hairstyling results depending upon the method used to roll in and how long it’s worn before it’s removed.


The perfect match: our Continuous Ultra Fine Mister together with CharlieCurls to style your hair (we almost never use our CharlieCurl without it). Add just a light mist of dampness from any angle to the outside layers of hair as the ultimate prep to set your curls and waves naturally and avoid frizz.

It’s refillable, ergonomically designed and delivers a continuous ultra light mist without toxic propellants, eliminating, for many people, the need for any kind of products, allowing hair to stay clean longer and making it much more environmentally friendly. Great for those who love essential oils (add a couple drops to add scent and shine). A light mist can dry in as little as 30 minutes while wearing CharlieCurls, or dampen a little more and wear longer to get tighter curls.

Experimentation is key: dampness is one of the key factors in getting specific results for your unique hair as hair responds differently.


A wood comb has many benefits for your hair, scalp and planet. Wooden combs are long-lasting, safe for all ages and help gently combat tangles and breakage. Made of 100% bamboo wood which is strong, durable and is a renewable resource. Great for gentle detangling of moist hair and perfect for combing hair before using a CharlieCurl.

Using a wooden comb can reduce frizz because it doesn’t conduct electricity, unlike plastics or metal, so it won’t cause static that causes the hair to flyaway, dry out and weaken.

Wood combs distribute natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand, leaving hair less greasy looking, with more shine and better hair health over time.

Combing the scalp stimulates blood circulation, which allows the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing hair growth and producing thicker hair over time.

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