Continuous Ultra Fine Mister | CharlieCurls

Continuous Ultra Fine Hair Mister

Using a light continuous water mist on dry hair before curling helps set curls without frizz.

The perfect match: our Continuous Ultra Fine Mister together with CharlieCurls to style your hair (we almost never use our CharlieCurl without it)!

Our mister lays the lightest dampness onto the outside layer of hair strands, allowing for the ultimate prep to set your curls and waves naturally. You don’t need to use conventional products or get hair too wet making the inner layers of hair and causing frizz.

Better for Your Hair, Better for our Planet:

Our fabulous refillable mister delivers a continuous ultra light mist without toxic propellants, eliminating, for many people, the need for any kind of products, allowing hair to stay clean longer and making it much more environmentally friendly.

  • The mist is continuous and ultra fine so it dispenses evenly with no overly-wet soaking spots
  • The ergonomically designed bottle allows repeated pumping to produce an endless spray without hand fatigue
  • Essential oils or moisturizers added to the water can give extra control, shine, scent and/or moisturization
  • You can spray from any angle, upside down to sideways, getting to hard to reach areas easily
  • The unique design offers complete air isolation meaning no contamination, enhanced formulation integrity and no toxic refrigerant fumes in your face
  • No waste because up to 98% of contents is dispensed before refill is required

A very light spritz (maybe 10 seconds) can dry in as little as half an hour, giving long lasting loose waves. A little more dampening and a longer set time gives more dynamic, tighter curls.

Experimentation is key: dampness is one of the key factors in getting specific results for your unique hair.